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Join us in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
November 6 - 8, 2023 

Join us as we connect with the essence of goddess wisdom, learn from women considered inspirational leaders in their fields and explore topics that include sacred feminine spirituality, ancient matriarchal cultures, ritual, creativity and the visionary path into this new time. 


Let us come together to nourish and transform ourselves and our world at this time of deep awakening. 

Meet Our Presenters for the 2023 Gathering...
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Alison Bastien is an anthropologist, midwife, childbirth educator, teacher of women’s health, midwives and doulas, herbalist, and creator of botanical products at La Victoriana in San Miguel. Retired from active practice, she currently writes, teaches and lectures on all of the above. Alison will present Herstory of women as healers, as well as embodiments of the Goddess. She will bridge the seemingly disparate worlds of matriarchal and patriarchal times, inviting us to reweave what each woman feels needs repairing. As we loosen the knots of perceptions that have left us feeling isolated, this session will lead us back to the awe, beauty and acceptance of how wise and sacred we are.
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Hélène Drouin has been a student and teacher of earth-honoring traditions for 40 years. She began her journey with Grandmother Twylah Nitch on the Cattaraugus Reservation in New York state and continues to facilitate women’s spiritual gatherings. She splits her time between Mazatlan, Mexico and Santa Fe, New Mexico where she lives gently on Mother Earth. In her presentation on Reclaiming Women's Spirituality, Hélène will share her journey to the Sacred Mother through word, song and movement sharing how we can all discover and/or deepen our connection to Spirit through the Earth Honoring cycles of life.  

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Dr. Tayler Ava Friar is an art historian, writer and communications professional who has held positions with the United Nations, the World Bank and Google. Over the last twelve years, she has lived across Europe, Asia, and Africa, gathering sacred knowledge of the divine feminine which has helped etch her own unique spiritual journey. She is the founder of ART|unknown – a multidisciplinary creative agency that explores the intersection of art, black voices and sustainable development goals. In her travels, she has accumulated wisdom on the divine feminine rising across many spiritualities and will share the legacies of Black Goddesses like Oshun, Yemoja, and Aja – their origins and diaspora, even into Mexico. She will also talk about creating personal altars, identifying some of the must-haves to create your own.
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Dr. Ratka Mira Popovic, DACM, is a Pagan Priestess, and Urban Mystic, and holds a doctorate in Chinese medicine. She performs ceremonies and rites of passage, and teaches at institutions, i.e. University of California of San Francisco, school of medicine. Her work is about changing the bodies energetic state to create a healthier relationship to self and soul. She will be your Priestess of Ceremony, and hold the container, for this three-day gathering, allowing you to journey inward and connect with one another safely. Ratka will lecture on “The Womb as an Ecstatic Portal”,  and how to open and access your sacred womb portal/ pelvic floor to awaken and embody the power of your Creatrix womanhood; through energetic breathwork and movement practices, reigniting your connection to Spirit and your own limitless joy.
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Glen Rogers, internationally exhibited artist, writer, teacher and founder of Calling the Circle, has traveled the world visiting ancient sacred sites for her inspiration. Her books, Art & Sacred Sites: Connecting with Spirit of Place, Symbols of the Spirit and Spirit Cards highlight her artwork and her pilgrimages. She weaves ancient mythologies with feminine archetypal symbols in her art that focuses on the power of women. Glen will present these universal symbols delving into both their meanings and their metaphors focusing on the Spiral and ending with a walking meditation through our Labyrinth on the property.  
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Alicia Mayo
Dr. Rossana Quiroz
We are honored to have both Alicia Mayo and Dr. Rossana Quiroz lead us in separate sacred ceremonies. Alicia, who led the Full Moon Ceremony at El Charco del Ingenio Botanical Gardens for over 25 years, will guide us in a Circle Ceremony connecting us to Mother Earth.
Dr. Rossana Quiroz, archeologist at Museo de Astronomía Prehispánica and Cañada del la Virgen pyramid site will lead us in a Salutation to the Four Corners.
She will also offer an optional tour to Cañada del la Virgen after the Gathering on November 10.
JOY6 copy.jpeg
Joy Sablatura is a health educator, meditation teacher and massage/Reiki therapist. She practices kundalini yoga where she discovered the power of the gong in deepening meditation, relaxation and boosting creativity.  She worked as a Facilitator at Optimum Health Institute for 8 years and teaches mind/body/spirit healing.
Get ready for her amazing Sound Healing Experience!

We will have smaller Sister Circle discussion groups, journaling, and
artist-led installations that are meaningful and joyful.

Lena Bartula will introduce “Mythical Mothers of Mesoamerica” like Tonantzin/Guadalupe, La Malinche, La Llorona, Coatlicue, Ixchel, Zazil-ha, Chalchuitlicue, sharing images and legends that bring to life ancient Mother Goddesses. Then we will all participate in the Matrix, which comes from the same word as Mother and Matriarch. This is an interactive artwork that connects us to a mother figure of our heart choice, be it human, divine, or mythological by adding messages, letters, poems, drawings, and collage elements to a common grid.

Emily C-D will lead us in the creation of a collective seed mandala in order to reconnect

Glen Rogers introduces the Butterfly Tapestry where we will draw, write, and embellish with image and words of inspiration and renewal. As we add our layers, the Butterfly comes to life and the surface becomes richer.

And here is our great photo-op!

detail matrix

Emily C-D, resident artist of the local Seed Library SOMOS SEMILLA, will lead the women’s circle in the creation of a collective seed mandala in order to reconnect us with our generative feminine spirits. Together we will explore this feminine legacy of love of life and her cycles and seeds

Adding to the Butterfly Tapestry
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