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Join us in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
November 6 - 8, 2023 

Join us for this inaugural gathering as we connect with the essence of goddess wisdom, learn from women considered inspirational leaders in their fields and explore topics that include sacred feminine spirituality, ancient matriarchal cultures, ritual, creativity and the visionary path into this new time. 


Let us come together to nourish and transform ourselves and our world at this time of deep awakening. 

Meet Our Presenters from the 2022 Inaugural Gathering...
ratka sm.jpg
Dr. Ratka Mira Popovic, an initiated pagan Priestess and Doctor of Chinese medicine, will teach practical magic, ancient knowledge and practices and how to embody and thrive in your Divine Feminine through ritual, meditation, and intentional rediscovery.

Illuminate the Path of the Visionary Feminine and Dream into a World of Enlivened Possibility and Wisdom with Amber Chand. Amber is an Indian woman born in Africa, educated in Europe and now residing in the United States. She is a global visionarystoryteller, author, artist, life coach and entrepreneur.

rossana quiroz  (1).jpg
Dr. Rossana Quiroz, archeologist at Museo de Astronomía Prehispánica and Cañada del la Virgen pyramid site will discuss Female Mesoamerican Sacred Entities seen through the experiences of creation, fertility, the importance of seed blessings, menstruation, and time-keeping for our own spiritual growth.
Jyothi Panicker, a South Indian raised in Zambia, Africa, grew up in a matrilineal tradition of spirituality      focusing on a deep faith in the Mother Goddess. As a traditionally trained yoga teacher, she shares how she     weaves the goddesses into her practice and everyday life, her philosophy and mythology as it                        relates to the Sacred Feminine.
Glen Rogers at Uluru
Knowledge of early matriarchal cultures can empower and inspire us as women. Glen Rogers talks about her pilgrimages to ancient sacred sites to "walk in the footsteps of our grandmothers" and her focus on feminine universal symbols like the spiral, the circle and the vesica piscisarchetypes to connect us all.
Alicia Mayo_edited.jpg
Alicia Mayo, who has led the Full Moon Ceremony at El Charco del Ingenio Botanical Gardens for over 25 years, will guide us in a private full moon ceremony on Tuesday November 8.
Alicia is also a certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork.
Keila sound healing.jpg
We are excited to have Keila Tonello, singer, performer from Argentina, at our Gathering for a special Sound Healing.
Get ready for an amazing experience!
  • Interactive Experiences - Playful, Meaningful, & Powerful 
  • Sister Circles - smaller break-out circles for discussion and connection 
Journaling and writing prompt
Journaling and writing prompt

Writing Exercise

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Vision Board / Soul Collage
Vision Board / Soul Collage
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Burning and Cleansing
Burning and Cleansing
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Register Now!
Cost / $385 usd or peso equivalent

Price includes the 3-day event with lunch from 10 am til 5 or 6pm
Cocktail Closing Party on the last day.  
Does not include transportation, accommodations, or meals (except lunch)

Refunds The cancelation policy for this event is as stated: Refunds will be given 60 days before the event minus a $35usd processing fee. Regretfully, we can not offer refunds after September 1, 2023.  Should the Gathering need to be canceled by the organizers, ticket price will be fully refunded.

Covid Protocol / Participants will be asked to take a Covid test 24 hours before the event. Masks will be optional during all activities, most of which is exterior. If you contract Covid during the event, you will need to quarantine for 5 days. All participants who had contact will be asked to take a Covid test after 48 hours. We suggest getting travel insurance if you are not local. 

1) Fill out the Registration Form below
2) Use the Paypal button below or ask about another payment plan via Zelle or Cash
(Payment options available in 2023!)

We are almost ready to launch our Circle for 2023!
The dates are set for November 6-8 at the same beautiful location in San Miguel. 

Put it on your calendar and plan on joining us.


Thanks for Registering!!


Glen Rogers, Lotus, Oil on Canvas w Gold Leaf, 65" x 55"

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